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Facts About Android App Development Costs in Canada

Apr 10, 2020

Various factors affect Android App development costs - like functionalities, platforms, technologies, type and complexity of an app. As of 2020, the basic costs range from CAD 1200 to CAD 2850. Likewise, if we go back in time, let's say in 2013, the typical app development expenses were 400 CAD for small enterprises. 

The following estimates will give you a rough idea:

Android App Development Cost Estimates

1. Expenses for Native Android Apps

Commences from CAD 1200, includes email configuration, front end information, wireframes, as well as all design work.

  • Timeline: 1-2 months
  • Developer Level: 1 year experienced
  • Designer to Hire: 1 will suffice
  • Developer to Hire: 1 or 2 developers for Android app development
  • App Nature: Easy coding, and quick porting to another platform
  • API Functionality: No
  • Database in Back-end:  No
  • Social Media Integration: Yes
  • App Development Expenses: Estimated cost range is CAD 1200-2850 
  • Best for: Individual app
  • Account Fee for Google Play Store: Around $25 for one-time setup expenses

2. Content Managed Android App

Commences from CAD 1850 and covers Admin Panel, Wireframes, Front End Information, and All Design Work.

  • Timeline: 3-6 months
  • App Development Level: 2-3 years experienced developers
  • Number of Developers Need to Hire: 3-5 developers for Android app development
  • Designers to Hire: only one
  • App Nature: A little complex coding and porting process
  • API Functionality: Yes
  • Database in Back-end: yes
  • Best For: Custom Utility App, Data-Driven
  • App Development Costs: Estimated cost range of CAD 1850-4450
  • Account Fee for Google Play Store: $25 as one-time setup expenses

3. Ecommerce Related Android App

Commences from CAD 2690 encompasses Admin Panel, Use Panel, Wireframes, Front End information, All Design Work

  • Time Needs to Develop: Three months to two years
  • App Developer Level: 2-3 years of experience required
  • App Nature: Complex coding with high graphic resolution
  • API Functionality: Yes
  • Commerce Integration: Yes
  • Number of Developers to Hire: Five to ten developers for Android app development
  • Database in Back-end: Yes
  • Social Media Integration: Yes
  • Best For: High-Resolution Graphics Games, eCommerce Stores
  • App Development Costs: Estimated expenses of CAD 2690 – 8690
  • Account Fee for Google Play Store: One time set up costs of $25

4. Multi-Vendor Android App

Commences from CAD 4300 comprises Wireframes, Admin Panel, User Panel, Member Panel, All Design Work, and Front End Information etc.

  • Time Requires to Develop: Three Months to Two Years
  • App Developer Level: 2-3 Years experienced developers
  • Number of Developer Needs to Hire: 5-10 developers for Android app development
  • App Nature: Complex coding, high graphic resolution
  • Advanced & Graphics: Yes
  • Database in Back-end: Yes
  • Commerce Integration: Yes
  • API Functionality: Yes
  • Social Media Integration: Yes
  • Best for: High-Resolution Graphics Games and Multi-Vendor eCommerce
  • App Development Costs: Estimated Costs Range of CAD 4300 – 16975
  • Google Play Store Account Fee: $25 as a one-time setup price

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