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Apps Or Websites? Why Are Apps Better?

Apr 29, 2020

Welcome to the era of mobile app development. With around 7 billion mobile users in the world, apps are getting more popular as compared to desktops. Consequently, all big and medium-sized businesses have realized the importance of mobile apps.

Both apps and websites have their importance, and enterprises with a large wallet can employ both. On the contrary, individuals or small businesses with limited budget options can go for an app.

We are going to shed light on some reasons why users prefer a mobile app over a website. And likewise, why do companies choose mobile app development instead of websites?

1. Better Personalization

Personalization is offering customized app features according to users' needs. Developers create such apps that can keep track of the user's preferences, locations, interests, usage behaviour to make a fully personalized app. This way the app can give custom updates and recommendations to the users. Users can see geography-specific content in real-time. Thus, enterprises go for mobile app development due to improved user experience and higher conversion rates.

2. Ease of Sending Notifications

Mobile apps keep the users updated through push notifications. The ability to dispatch instant notifications to the app users proves to be the easiest way of communication. Push notifications are non-intrusive notifications that users can receive no matter the app is open or closed. When notification-feature is integrated during mobile app development, a significant increase in the number of click-through rates is clearly expected.

3. Mobile Device Features:

Apps have the benefit of using mobile app features such as GPS, camera, phone calls, compass, and accelerometer etc. They make the user experience more fun and exciting, reducing extra efforts.

4. Ability to Work Offline:

Developers go through mobile app development in such a way that they allow you to work offline. It can offer you the features like installment calculation and tax calculation without an internet connection.

5. More Time Spent on Mobile Apps:

Users usually spend 86% of their time on smartphone apps and only 14% on websites.

6. Fast to Work:

A well designed robust app works faster as compared to a website. One of the reasons why apps function quickly is that they store data locally, websites on the other hand use web servers. Thus, mobile app development can be time-saving.

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