App Store Optimization

An Introduction to App Store Optimization (ASO)

Apr 24, 2020

Without App Store Optimization (ASO) it can be difficult for an app to rank high. Google play holds 2,570,000 apps and the Apple app store owns 1,840,000 apps. Considering the growing competition, you may wonder, “in this sea of apps, how can your app get noticed?”

What you need for your app is ASO. In brief, ASO is the process of increasing your app’s visibility, fine-tuning your listing, enhancing ranking, and getting better exposure. 

Best App Store Optimization Strategies:

Best Use of Available Space: For better App Store Optimization, use Keywords wisely in the limited space that you have. 

Wise Keywords Usage: Use the keywords wisely for better app store search ranking. Choose the right keywords with little competition and higher traffic. 

No Repetition: Don't repeat the keywords in the fields that have a heavy density in search ranking algorithms. The title must include the best keywords, just make sure not to repeat them.  

Use Localization: App Store Optimization boots along with app localization. This way you can have increased character limit of up to 500. Thus, a higher chance to attract more traffic. On the other hand, normally Google has only 4000 character limits for the app’s description. 

Review App’s Performance: Review your app, make changes when necessary. One thing you must know: apps reindex every change around in a week. Google on the contrary takes months.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Good rankings attract users, increase App Store Optimization, and help them find your app. The next step is how you can make them install your app. 

(i) Visual Content: Visual content has a critical impact on CRO - holding a big part of app listing in the play stores. If done right it will get you all meaningful installs. High-resolution images with attention-grabbing texts, eye-catching screenshots, quality graphics and video-making may be time-consuming but it boots install rates by 25%. And visually appealing app icon alone lifts the percentage by 60% and aids in App Store Optimization.

Make sure the screenshots, background colours, font size, and overall theme, are consistent with your brand, and relevant to your business story. You can test out different options to discover what proves best for your app.

(ii) App’s Rating: Improving app’s rating from 2 to 3 stars speeds up CRO by 280%. In the same way, shifting from 2 to 4 stars accelerated conversion rate by 540%. Actively promoting visitors to give high ratings. A good strategy can promote positive feedback. 


App Store Optimization (ASO) can be defined as SEO, if you want your app to get noticed, focus on increasing its quality, visuals, rankings, CRO, and aim for fast loading user-friendly, and robust interface.

What Influences the App’s Ranking?

Here are the fields that influence the app’s ranking:

On Google Play:

  • Title (50 characters)
  • Short description (80 characters)
  • Long description (4000 characters)
  • Bundle ID

On Apple Store:

  • Keywords (100 characters)
  • Title (30 characters)
  • Subtitle (30 characters)
  • App ID

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