How Mobile App Developed

How is a Mobile App Developed?

Mar 25, 2020

If you are considering mobile app development for your business, you need to know how a mobile app is developed.

Before going further, let's first illustrate why mobile apps are necessary for most enterprises. With 2.9 million apps on Google play, it's essential to understand the importance of mobile apps. Mobile app statistics below tell a compelling story about why enterprises are focusing on building business apps.

Statistics indicating the importance of Mobile App Development:

  • 25% of active applicants prefer native mobile apps over mobile websites.
  • Around 20 apps are installed by smartphone users in the Canada.
  • Mobile apps development is expected to generate nearly $188.9% billions of revenue in 2020
  • Mobile users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps.
  • In 2020, 6.95 billion users use mobile apps worldwide.
  • 68.6 percent of mobile users in the Canada use mobile apps.

Mobile App Goals:

In the planning phase one vital step is to determine your app’s objectives.

  • What features do you want to include?
  • How will your app benefit your customers?

Market Research:

Before you go for mobile app development, first do your market research. Find the answers to the following questions:

  • Does your app fit into the mobile marketing plans that you might have established?
  • Which platform will you choose?
  • What is your target audience and how do you want them to use your app?
  • What framework and programming language you want to use?

Wireframes and Storyboards:

At this stage you must have a clear picture about the app's idea - how it looks like and what features it would include.

You can use online wireframing tools for mobile app development. Create a roadmap and illustrate the connections between different screens so that visitors can easily navigate through them. 

When sketching keep in mind the following points:

  • Smooth user experience
  • Consider the differences between a mobile app and a mobile website

Defining the App’s Backend:

The storyboards and wireframes that you created will help you draw a backend structure to support the app - think servers, APIs, data integration, data diagram, as well as push notification services.

At this point you may encounter any technical limitations during mobile app development, hence, you should be flexible for any modifications.

Finalizing Wireframe & Testing Prototype:

Prototyping helps you evaluate your design concept, identify dead links, collect feedback, and identify the defects in the app’s usability.

It’s always best to test and evaluate your app with the help of experts QA engineers who are not the part of your team. Ask for honest feedback and request them to analyze different features and the app's overall functionality. This design will allow you to finalize the design concept for the app.

Developing the App:

At this point mobile app development involves several steps. Here the developer brings your idea to life. If your developers don't use the app platform, they will have to find storage solutions, set up servers, databases, as well as APIs for the app’s backend. If you’ve hired someone for programming and coding, make him/her sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Preparing for Launch:

Once the mobile app development is completed it’s important to be prepared for the app’s launch. With the help of your marketing department, find the keyword so that you can be discovered by the audience easily. Before launching your app include the following in the app’s landing page or the website:

  • The application name
  • App’s icon
  • Screenshots
  • Promotional video
  • Contact information
  • Support and maintenance information
  • Subscription form

Things to keep in mind after launch:

  • Download links
  • Testimonials
  • User reviews

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