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Mobile App Marketing Tips to Boost Your App' Launch to the Top

Jul 24, 2020

Have you finally built your app? Time to market your app and introduce it to the digital world.

Wondering why the need for mobile app marketing? Well, many people spend 6-8 months on launching a mobile app but they get nothing more than just seeing the app in play stores. It seems crazy to consume time and money on a business and then do nothing for marketing.

Your app launch is not the end of your business journey. If you want to yield realistic outcomes of all the months of hard work, don't stop here. You need some marketing cues that can assist you to reap real results.

Is Mobile App Marketing Completely out of Your Control?

There is a simple reason why mobile app marketing is necessary and why launching an app doesn't get you all the benefits you need: it's surely quite easy to ignore what's not in your control. Implementing new features and changing color themes is something you can do by yourself. But the scenario is flipped when it comes to attracting the attention of the targeted audience. Convince them to sign up, and give feedback may seem out of your control.

What people don't realize is that there are unlimited small tasks that are actually in their control that connect with larger and seemingly impossible mobile app marketing tasks. Regardless, we are going to show you some tips to boost the likelihood of the initial app-launch victory.

26 App Marketing Tips:

  1. Create a promo site
  2. Reward your audience
  3. Send personalized pre-launch offers to test the app
  4. Use promo code before going live
  5. Use app short links to promote
  6. Offer free app trials
  7. Collect customer reviews
  8. Monitor the sources of traffic
  9. Focus on social network marketing
  10. Use Quora, Reddit, and other niche networks
  11. Influence relevant audience via the Guest posting
  12. Facebook advertising, promoted tweets
  13. Email marketing
  14. Create infographics and promote them
  15. Contact relevant writer in the niche
  16. Use tools to monitor your app
  17. Hire online services to optimize your app for Google play & app store
  18. Contribute to online conversations
  19. Create a promo video for mobile app marketing
  20. Pitch tech blogs
  21. Record a podcast
  22. Run FB and Google advertisements
  23. Create a micro site & do some SEO
  24. Drive reviews naturally
  25. Keep a blog
  26. Have a support system

Use Promo Codes Before App Go Live:

You can invite people to use your app even before everybody has seen it. You will get feedback that will help you improve the app before the formal launch.

Use App Short links:

There would be many links you will send to social media and to your contacts. Except for your website link, all other links will be long which would take so much space in emails. You can use online free tools to shorten links and to clean up space for effective mobile app marketing.

Monitor Your App:

To maintain a powerful website and support portal you need to monitor your app across all channels. You can use tools like Buzzsumo or Appbot to keep an eye on what is said about your app through real-time alerts.

Have a Support System:

Most app creators don't understand that the customer support system is an integral part of marketing. Success is impossible without customer satisfaction. Ensure you read users' feedback and collect their reviews, questions, concerns to resolve them with the help of a skilled team.

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