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How Can You Build a Successful Mobile App with Perfect Functionality?

Jul 03, 2020

Do you use every single mobile app after installation? According to stats, the number of apps has been reached 2 million so far. It is evident that mobile technology is growing extremely fast and a large percentage of them are useless. Large quantity doesn't mean awesome quality. 50% of mobile apps don’t work the same as we assume, they work slow, too much of ads pop up and distract us of the main course, some features don't work properly, the phone gets stuck using just that one app. We can save ourselves from such failures keeping in mind the following checklist that causes mobile app failure.

Get to Know Your Audience & that What Market Demands:

One great theoretical idea will not always make a great app in practice. Throughout the project, research is a must. Is there any business related to your app project? Who is your opposing party? Is there any competition running in the market? Are you doing something unique for your users? Would that make others' life easier? Assuming your audience would you like to use and share this app out of quality and interest? How can you justify that your clients are going to love your app? Consider these factors before developing an app. Building an app without thinking of the market, defining the audience, and thorough research won't give the same results as you desire.

 How Can You Approach?

One of the hardest things for a mobile app developer is to convert the version of a web app to a smartphone one. It is important to focus on that issue. You need to consider screen size, functionality and rationalization to pass this step. Users want all features to perform all types of tasks through cell phones. Therefore, take it whole as a different task and include all features without thinking that its an android version and users would compromise on functionality.

Improper testing:

According to the study, 55 % of the mobile app fails because of improper shutdown and crashes. Upon testing it rarely happens that the app is without minor bug. If you don't test the app repeatedly, many times it will impact the user's experience and they will never install it again just after one bad experience. Just one crash is enough to lose one quality user. To make the app market-ready it should be tested with a proper procedure set up.

If mobile app developers follow these guidelines carefully app would not fail. Make sure you're not doing the same mistakes others have done.

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