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What's the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Jul 16, 2020

Why have a website? Google Analytics reveals the high demand for web design and web development, not only for startups but also for large-scale businesses. No matter what the type of business or profession is, these days almost every company should have a website.

However, before you decide to invest, you must know the difference between website design and website development, as these terminologies are often mistakenly used interchangeably. The fact is these terms refer to two different areas and require unique skills.

What's the web design and what's web development? Let's discuss this:

1- Web Design

Web designers get information from customers to create a particular design. Website designers start from a wireframe before stepping into designing. Moreover, they use many design principles to achieve aesthetically pleasing and excellent customer experience.

(a) Design Principles Balance: Web designers work hard to create a balanced layout. They know where to use large and dark colours, and likewise, where to use smaller and lighter colours. It's easier than the complex coding of web development, however, to create an effective website design and a balanced site, its necessary to use the elements in the correct proportion.

(b) Emphasis: If designers emphasize everything on a page, they would end up emphasizing nothing. They highlight only certain places to give viewers a nice and understandable look.

2 - Web Development

Programmers take information from clients and build a fully functioning website using programming languages.

Furthermore, they also change the website layout from static to dynamic by using the content slider, image, and other interactive elements.

(a) Platforms: There are many platforms for web development but it's far more complicated than website design.

(b) Programming Languages: To understand you can imagine web design as a none interactive picture for example. Programmers break this picture into components. They use either simple HTML or more dynamic approaches such as C++, Java, Kotlin, C#, or other languages for developing a website.

3 - Web Design or Web Development:

Startups or small companies may confuse both web design and web development, as an outcome, they don't know whether to contact a web designer or a web developer for redesigning or creating a new website.

However, some experts are skilled in both. Hopefully, we have cleared up your most common misconception about website design and development.

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