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How to Get Your App Featured on the Google Play Store

Apr 16, 2020

With the improvement of apps quality and mobile application marketing plans, ideas and strategies, Google play store has now 2.87 million apps available for downloads. This number manifests intense competition against several businesses. 

Mobile app enterprises aim for a huge outreach, thriving ROI, surprising download rates, but all of these are hard-won victories. While app marketing plans act as a foundation for app's popularity. Being featured on the play store can shoot up the number of installs double-time.

Technical Strategies For Featuring Apps on Google Play Store:

1. Synchronize UI/UX & Visual Design

Google prescribes Material Design Guidelines for the enhanced UI. Following these guidelines leads to additional exposure, smooth user experience, and better mobile application marketing. Likewise, not only does it result in a robust fast-loading interactive app, but it also opens up new ways to get it featured on the google play store. Before uploading the final app to the Play Store it's always the best idea to run a test against the Android Quality Guidelines. Furthermore, make sure the app’s availability in different types of devices. 

2. Synchronize with Google Tech

Synchronizing your app with Google Tech leads to the quick feature of an app on the Play Store. Google continuously add new rewards and state-of-the-art technologies to its ever-growing platform. Hence, keep your app updated and in sync with the play store for featuring your app as well as for getting better mobile application marketing

3. App Description:

In the description unfold what the purpose of your app is and how it can hit upon the users' issues. Specify basic issues it can solve, name features, outline qualities, and light up the rewards you app earned. 

4. Use Screenshots & A Trailer 

A good 30-sec long trailer and clear screenshots establish credibility amidst users.

5. Add Relevance to the Name

Make a wise choice of a catchy Android App Title that can define your phone. It can help in mobile applications marketing and make your app stand out in the competition. 

6. Localization:

Keeping in view the millions and millions of users from all across the world, multilingual apps serve a great purpose. Such apps perform well on Google Play for being free from geographical location limitations.  

7. Effective PR

PR is the secret sauce that adds to the features of Google Play Store. High-popularity platforms like TechCrunch, Android Central, Product Hunt, and Android Authority can be a great starting point. Further, such media appearances help in mobile application marketing

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